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CHECC's Science Fair Committee is beginning work on our 2000/2001 Science Fair, scheduled for February 22, 2001. We would encourage all of our homeschooled students to participate by entering a project in the science fair. It will be for exhibition only, with no prizes awarded, but it will be a great learning experience for everyone involved.

We would like for all individual participants to fill in a registration form so that we will be better able to plan to lay-out of the science fair site. Click the following link to access the online version of the registration form. If your project will require anything special, like access to a window, electrical outlet, non-carpeted flooring or a water supply, please let us know that as soon as possible. That will assist our planning and make it easier for everyone.

We've included several websites to give you some direction and guidance if you need it. Just follow the links to get ideas for projects for all ages, ways to format your results and your presentation, and even ways to document your presentation for a webpage of your own. Do not feel that you have to make an elaborate scientific study of something in order to be able to participate. We want the children to have the experience of participation in the scientific method, but we don't want them to be overwhelmed with rules and regulations as to the formatting of their results or the procedure for their experiment. We do ask that the displays be in the form found at The Display. This is not to say that you must purchase a special tri-fold display board, press-on lettering or any other specific supplies. Poster board, cardboard, foam-core, computer generated labels, hand-lettered labels, or any other material that you have on hand will be perfectly acceptable. The shape of the display is what we're looking for, with several areas for the student's processes to be documented, and a boundary formed by the board for whatever materials the student chooses to display.

Thought should be taken during the early planning stages so that your student will have everything necessary to make the kind of display that he has envisioned. It is disheartening to get to the end of the process and suddenly realize that you forgot to take pictures of the experiment if that is something that you had planned to do. Of course, these suggestions are not set in stone and should be altered to suit your child's age, grade level and the project that is chosen. Some things to include are:

*Summary of the experiment and the procedure
*Title (as a header at the center top of the display board)
*Statement of the problem to be studied
*Data collected through your experimentation
*Pictures taken or drawings made during the experiment (optional)
*Data notebook or background research notebook (optional)
*Any equipment or material used in the experiment (optional)
*Applications (optional)
*Charts, graphs, tables, or other visual aids (optional)
*Statistics (optional)

As a rule, the public schools work on science fair projects in the time period from New Year's until early spring. That usually means that books relating to science fair are either limited in availability in the public libraries, temporarily classified as REFERENCE, or checked out with long waiting lists. Following is a listing of some of what is available in the Harnett County Public Library's collection. These titles were located using 'science fair' as the keyword for the search via their online catalog. Similar titles are available in all public libraries so you can check whichever branch you frequent. Just be prepared for the onslaught of public schoolers using these resources and plan ahead for your own use of them.

Title: 100 amazing make-it-yourself science fair projects / Author: Vecchione, Glen. Date: c1994.

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Title: Sports science projects : the physics of balls in motion / Author: Goodstein, Madeline. Date: 1999.

(Disclaimer: These links have not been exhaustively searched for inappropriate information. Please check these sites before you send your children to them.)

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